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Our Mission

We believe art is intrinsic to the quality of life, our mission is to promote, enrich and encourage the cultural lives of our community by giving all members of the community an introduction to, appreciation of and experience with a wide variety of cultural, visual and performing art experiences.

Photo by Layla Blahnik-Thoune


History of Our Building

In the early 1900's the corner of Oak and South Cedar Streets was home to the Rose Brothers Store - in 1906 the store was lost to a tragic fire. As a result, the Rose Brothers did not rebuild and left the City of Manistique. Patrick "Patsy" McNamara bought the lot, rebuilt, and on the corner housed McNamara's Bar and shared the building with Winkelman's Department Store. When Prohibition was enacted he had to close his saloon and beer company - the Winkleman's then occupied the entire building. During the late 1920's the Winklemans left Manistique - the corner building became the People's Tractor and Supply Company and then the Creighton Ford Garage in which operated in Manistique for 82 years.

Source:  Schoolcraft County Historical Society

Want to contribute?

Lake Effect Board Meeting

3rd Tuesday of Every Month @ 5:10pm EST

Located Inside Lake Effect Meeting Room

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