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Class will be held Saturday, April 27th from 1:30-3pm. Cost is $15


Missed the first one? Here's your chance! We are pleased to offer a space for The Movement Kitchen to present Body Choir!


BODY CHOIR is a movement workshop focused on body scanning, breathing exercises and spiritual movement activities. Seeing our body as the reflections of nature, the session begins through connecting with the nature within us. With both physical exercise and images/ metaphors inspired by nature, participants will start to connect with their innate flow of movement. Once the body connects with our own rhythm, flow and movement, we start to connect with the space and other moving bodies around us.


Live music accompaniment by E. Mohammad Meftah.

Dance experience is NOT required!! All levels are welcome


E. Mohammad Meftah is a drummer and percussionist teacher currently living in the

Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA. He has had extensive recording and live playing

experience around the world with La-Nai Gabriel, Mai Khoi and the Dissidents, The Lost

Art and Standpoint Theories: Legends of Vietnam. In addition to percussion

instruments, he is also a DJ and sound therapist. Eric co-founded The Movement

Kitchen with his wife Emily in Vietnam in 2015.


Emily Navarra-Meftah (she/her/they) is a NAMA Certified Ayurvedic Counselor,

Chef & Ayurvedic Yoga Practitioner / movement educator & therapist / dancer &

choreographer / producer / artivist / conflict resolution artist. Holding a B.A. in Dance

Studies from the University of South Florida, Emily is also a certified Authentic

Movement Training practitioner from the European Society of Authentic Movement in

Munich, Germany.

April 27th- Body Choir

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